To succeed in a competitive and complex world, leadership teams need diversity of experience, background and thinking.

They must be equipped to lead and succeed in the face of disruption and market volatility.

In this context, it is essential that Executive Search firms go the extra mile to find the most appropriate candidates.

That is why Hattonneale not only has networks with proven and established Executive and Non-Executive talent but also invests in building networks of impressive emerging and established senior talent. It gives Hattonneale a wider and deeper reach than other firms.


Making an Executive or Board appointment is a critical decision.  That is why Hattonneale invests significant time and senior resources in refining your brief, mapping the market and identifying the best candidates for your role.

The way we understand talent is 360°. In other words, we get to know and understand the whole person, both left brain and right brain.

Left brain talent is about executives having the right set of skills, experience and intelligence [IQ]. Right brain talent is about executives having the right values, personality, and emotional intelligence [EQ]. One is not a substitute for the other. But added together they make up the ‘talented executive’ – the right executive for the right role – in terms of their skill set, their experience, their style, and their cultural fit.

What has ‘talent’ come to mean today? A loosely used word?
‘Anyone and everyone who is pretty well qualified, fairly compatible, and quite committed?’



Talent is more than having the right experience and the right qualifications. Talent is an innate quality that executives bring to the party, way over and above “yes, I can do the job”.

By ‘talent’ we mean executives of extra-ordinary aptitude, with a strong appetite for achievement and success. Which is why we have developed our own 360° interviewing and assessment methodology, and client reporting process, to provide a whole brain “Talent Profile” of our executives.

Our approach emphasises our focus on delivering sustainable outcomes for our clients and our executives. It is an approach that allows us to place the right, talented executive in the right role.

This high-touch approach is the key to Hattonneale’s successful track record, and your assurance that Hattonneale will deliver the leaders your organisation needs for today – and tomorrow.


Hattonneale works with a high level of respect, integrity and discretion. We will always be:


We understand the pressures and expectations of a leadership role and will always respect your time, your values and the confidences you share with us.


We don’t hide behind jargon or double-speak. We are always clear about what you can expect when you work with us.


We set out all the facts for you to make a decision. We will not rush you or bury you in unimportant information.